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We are India’s Leading brand machine manufacturer & exporter in Ink industry and also provide customised designs to organisations to produce ink widely used in the printing process. At Tipco, we are the Printing Ink Machines Manufacturer equipped with an excellent speed disperser to dissolve and mix materials with different viscosities for commercial printing and dyeing operations, our manufactured printing ink machine is used to produce high-quality printing ink safely and efficiently. Our market-leading printing ink manufacturing machine includes advanced technology and high-quality raw materials specially designed to improve product quality and decrease production costs. Our innovative machines and process engineering can help you meet these challenges while improving your product quality and profitability.

Water Based Ink.

Solvent Based Ink

Major Feature

Raw material Charging: Liquid batching adopts pumps. Flow meters ,powder and additive are batch by weighting system automatically.

Dispersing: Ink pre-dispersing, and multiply specifications are optional from Lab equipment to plant equipment including disperser with scraper, vacuumed disperser, dual-shaft disperser(butterfly agitator + dispersing disc ), platform type disperser, etc to meet all kinds of requirements of different working conditions.

Basket Mill: Ink milling machines combine original dispersing and beads milling into one step, which reduces the production process, lack of pumps and valves minimizes the cost of raw materials, and is easy to clean. It is suitable for multiply products.

Horizontal Bead mills: Wet milling equipment, for high fineness requirement of ink products, with good grinding fineness, high efficiency is one of the most popular milling machines. it is divided into disc beads mill and all round beads mill.

Tri-Roller mill: wet milling equipment for high viscosity ink products, divided into standard type and hydraulic type is an ideal ink milling machine.

Ink - Mixer: Multiply of specification mixer are optional according to the production process and characteristics (viscosity, specific gravity, etc ) including vacuum type ex-proof, single shaft, dual shaft tri-shaft, planet mixer for high viscosity ink, etc.

Ink filling Machine: specification ranges from 10g to 20 Kg in semi-auto and automatic type, filling container is normally plastic and iron bucket. It can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Technical Information

Good fineness and High Quality:

Basket mills, Horizontal Bead Mill, Emulsifiers, Tri –roller mills etc high fineness milling machines are applied in production lines according to the production process and product characteristics (materials viscosity ) to mill and thin raw materials. Ground materials show products with good fineness, High stability, small chromatism, and less pollution.

Environmentally Friendly and easy Operation

The entire plant including storage of raw material, metering, addition, medium products, final products transmission and filling are closed and automatic, which is environmental friendly and easy to operate.

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