Vertical Bead Mill

Vertical Bead Mill is dispersion processing machines that reduce the size of solid particles (pigments, fillers) and finely scatter them in a liquid condition. Small ceramic, glass, or metal beads are moved inside the mill chamber to help reduce particle size through impact, and energy input when grinding is pumped through the mill.

Bead grinding is the most effective method for processing microscopic particles in the sub-micron or even nanometer size range. A variety of designs exists to match the grinding of different viscosities, physical properties, and targeted particle sizes. Depending on the design of the machine, the machine can operate in separate passes or continuous operations.

Vertical Bead Mill is a small laboratory as well as an industrial machine that is perfect for grinding and dispersing materials into small particles. The mill uses batch-type grinding method, so it is best suited for wet grinding with three corresponding sentences of premixing. Grinding and dispersing can be done simultaneously on this machine. 


  • Efficient grinding and dispersion of materials.

  • High-speed operation for quick processing.

  • Narrow particle size distribution for consistent results.

  • Ability to handle a wide range of viscosities.

  • Enhanced product quality and performance.

  • Customizable design to meet specific process requirements.

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.

  • Energy-efficient operation.

  • Reduced processing time and increased productivity.

  • Cost savings through optimized resource usage.

Technical Information

Machine Name TVM-25 

Technical Specifications 

Material Output Capacity:


Disk Material Type:


Valume of Chamber: 




Motor Power:


Diameter of Beads:

1.6 - 2mm



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