Lab Sigma Mixer Machine

Lab Sigma Mixer Machine is used for managing very viscous materials, it is essential to support both tangential and oblique motion of the substance. The geometry and profile of the sigma blade are intended such that the glutinous mass of a substance is pulled, sheared, dense, kneaded, and folded by the exploit of the blade next to the walls of the mixer trough. The amount to which this happens depends on the exploit of the blades - peripheral or overlap and the ratio of the speed of replacement of the blades. The twist angle of the blade can be customized depending on the necessary shearing.

Major Feature

  • Double-arm spiral blade design for efficient and thorough mixing.
  • Unique kneading action ensures uniform mixing of materials.
  • Facilitates excellent heat transfer for applications requiring heating or cooling.
  • Precise control over mixing parameters ensures consistent quality in every batch.


  • Efficient Mixing: The Lab Sigma Mixer ensures efficient mixing of materials due to its unique design. Its double-arm spiral blades provide a thorough and uniform mixing of ingredients, resulting in homogenous mixtures.
  • Versatility: Lab Sigma Mixer is highly versatile and can handle a wide range of materials, including powders, pastes, creams, gels, and even high-viscosity materials.
  • Excellent Heat Transfer: The Lab Sigma Mixer is designed to provide excellent heat transfer during the mixing process. The double-arm spiral blades create a kneading action that facilitates heat transfer, making it ideal for applications that require heating or cooling of the mixture.
  • Easy to Clean: The Lab Sigma Mixer is designed with ease of cleaning in mind. Its removable blades and easily accessible mixing chamber allow for quick and thorough cleaning, reducing downtime between batches and ensuring product purity.
  • Consistent Quality: The Lab Sigma Mixer ensures consistent quality in every batch. Its precise control over mixing parameters such as speed, temperature, and mixing time guarantees reproducibility and minimizes batch-to-batch variations.

Lab Sigma Mixer Machine Applications


Technical Information

Motor Power 

Motor RPM



Power Supply

1 hp




440 Volt

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