Horizontal Bead Mill

Model No C-100

Horizontal Bead Mill is suitable for grinding, milling, and dispersion of liquid-phase particulate materials such as surface coating, dyes, pigments, printing ink, pesticides, and paper industries. The machinery is designed for continuous production with effective grading and dispersing, suitable for low-middle-viscosity materials. The grinding mechanism is totally enclosed and solvent loss is cut down to a minimum specifically designed to incorporate rotating disc-type agitation.

Major Feature

  • Improved Cooling System
  • Higher Productivity
  • Higher Flow Rate
  • Faster Grinding Process
  • Comes with Pressure and Temperature Measurement
  • Minimum Maintenance Cost
  • Larger Screen Diameter to reduce the pressure in Chamber
  • For Low and Medium Viscosity Material
  • Machine Can Be Used in Paint, Ink & Pigment Grinding


  • Easy Operationally Machines 
  • High Flow rates even with High Viscous Products 
  • Appropriate for High Pressure and Temperature Product
  • Less Maintenance Required
  • The machine is Specially designed for Accelerated wet Grading operation 
  • Less Energy Consumption with High Performance
  • Comes with a narrow particle size reduction and distribution.

Technical Information

TIPCO C-Series:




Material Output Capacity:

4-6 Liter Per Min

6-20 Liter Per Min

15-35 Liter Per Min

Chamber Volume:

30 Liter

55 Liter

90 Liter

Diameter of Beads:

0.8 -2 mm

0.8 -2 mm

0.8 - 2.2 mm

Disk Material Type:

SS, TC, HCHC( High Carbon High Chromium)

SS, TC, HCHC( High Carbon High Chromium)

SS, TC, HCHC( High Carbon High Chromium)

Actual Volume of Process Chamber:

30 L

50 L

85 L

Tip Speed:

8-10 m/s

7-12 m/s

6-11 m/s

Stator Type:

SS, HCHC (High Carbon High Chromium)

SS, TC, HCHC (High Carbon High Chromium)

SS, HCHC (High Carbon High Chromium)

Rotors Type:

SS, HCHC (High Carbon High Chromium)

SS, TC, HCHC (High Carbon High Chromium)

SS, TC, HCHC (High Carbon High Chromium)





Main Motor Details:





1200 kg

1500 kg

2200 kg


Water Based Paper Coating, Water Based Ink, Solvent Based Paint



Machine Options & Tools


In order to fit every need, our horizontal bead Mill C-20 Machine, Inside the Chamber 20l raw material can be processed in a continuous way and it will provide 2l-4l output of the fine material every minute after the grinding process.

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Rotor Types

Pin Type

Pin-type are cylindrical in shape and have multiple pins or pegs protruding from the surface. These pins or pegs provide high-energy impact and shear forces, facilitating efficient grinding and dispersion.

Turbine Type

Turbine-type have turbine-shaped grooves or ridges on the surface. These grooves create a vortex flow within the milling chamber, enhancing the grinding and dispersion process.

Disc Type

Disc-type are flat, circular disks with specially designed patterns or slots on their surface. The slots help generate high shear forces and promote efficient particle size reduction and dispersion.

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