Lab Ribbon Blender

We offer a premium quality Lab Ribbon Blender Mixer for your laboratories & small production use. This machine is handy for producing highly viscous products such as polyester putty, distemper, and emulsion paint.
Less Ower Consumption
Highly Efficient Result 
Compact Design

Major Feature

  • Efficient Mixing: The lab ribbon blender is designed to efficiently mix dry powders, granules, and other materials to achieve a uniform blend.

  • Gentle Blending: It ensures gentle blending to prevent damage or degradation of the materials being mixed.

  • Customizable: The blender can be customized with various ribbon configurations and speeds to accommodate different materials and mixing requirements.

  • Hygienic Design: Many lab ribbon blenders are constructed with sanitary features, making them suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries.

  • Easy to Clean: The design facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, crucial for maintaining product quality and preventing cross-contamination.


  • Less Ower Consumption
  • Highly Efficient Result
  • Compact Design

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