Single Shaft Disperser

Single Shaft High-Speed Disperser Machine is commonly used in chemicals for mixing and distribution with variable frequency speed adjustment. Currently available for customers to choose from the ordinary or the explosion-proof models.

Items of this equipment with blade distributor are designed on request with variable specifications of power. With a hydraulic lift system, these machines lift the distance and center distance between the base and the scattered axles.

If required, a User-friendly hydraulic lift system of 180°orotation is available, it is easily operated.

Major Feature

  • Suitable for Industrial production
  • Hydraulic lift system for the convenience of machine handling.
  • Low investment will be required to purchase this product.
  • Speed controller with easy to operate this machine.
  • Machine comes with 0-1440 RPM speed controller.
  • Mass production for the large industries.
  • Machine comes with changeable blades ?

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