What is a High Speed Disperser and How To Use?

What is a High Speed Disperser and How To Use?

Nov 20, 2023

This article has you covered whether you are a complete novice or are looking to further your understanding of the high speed disperser. We’ll also address some frequently asked questions regarding dispersers and their roles in various sectors.

What Is a High-Speed Disperser?

High Speed Disperser Machine is an important piece of equipment in producing industrial materials. Its purpose is to rapidly mix substances to ensure uniform distribution and to fulfil manufacturing requirements. There is a wide variety of dispersers available. Dispersers come in many forms, each with its unique method of action. Coatings of all kinds rely on it for dispersing materials during manufacturing and processing, including dyes, inks, emulsions, cosmetics, and pigments.

The hydraulic system, main drive, stirring system, and electric control box are the main structural components of the high-speed disperser: paddle, butterfly, Sanyi, and other types.

How to Use an Electric Disperser with Variable Speed


  • Ensure you wear protective gear like goggles, gloves, and a lab coat.
  • Please ensure the container holder on the benchtop disperser is snug to prevent the mixing vessel from spinning while it is in use.

Authentication of Air and Energy Supply

  • Ensure the Disperser Machine has access to a steady power supply at the correct voltage and current, and keep the cord out of the way of the person using the device. Verify that a licensed electrician has connected the electricity to the disperser by all applicable electrical codes if it has an explosion-proof motor.
  • Ensure the pneumatic cylinder raised and lowered the mixer head has a clean, regulated and lubricated supply of compressed air upstream from the mixer.
  • Once you’ve lowered the control valve’s lever to “charge” the cylinder, you can test for vertical movement by slowly raising the lever.

Cover the Disperser Shaft with Water

  • Submerge the disperser shaft in vessel liquid. Make sure the impeller is completely underwater.
  • The ideal height for the dispersal blade is one blade diameter above the bottom of the container, and its diameter should be about a third of that of the container. During operation, there must be at least as much fluid above the blade as below.

Method of Mixing

  • The dispersal process introduces the materials rapidly while the blade spins quickly in the base liquid medium. This guarantees they experience high shear and blade contact multiple times before dramatically increasing batch viscosity.
  • Initiate the disperser motor’s low-speed operation in the foundational material.
  • If you look up at the point where the blade meets the shaft, you should see a deep vortex forming.
  • The fast addition of dispersed materials into the vortex allows for observation of the materials’ distribution and the mixture’s evolution.
  • Increasing the speed while continuously adding contents to sustain a vortex is possible.
  • For some dispersions, altering the blade’s vertical position may be necessary.

Upkeep and Spot Cleaning

  • Turn off the disperser and take the shaft out of the liquid once the process is complete.
  • Use the proper cleaning products to thoroughly scrub the disperser’s shaft, blade, and container. Remove any debris from the mixer’s chassis and the drive head.
  • Regular maintenance is required to extend the dispenser’s life and keep it functioning at its best.


High-velocity disperser use necessitates a commitment to safety, including the use of protective gear. To disperse powders or solids in liquid, start by adding the liquid to your mixing vessel. You can prevent splashing by increasing the dispenser’s speed gradually. Clean and well-maintained equipment will last much longer. A high-speed disperser from the best Disperser machine Manufacturer, such as Tipco Engineering, can aid industrial mixing if used properly and safely.

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