Liquid Powder Mixing Machine Solutions for Industries

Liquid Powder Mixing Machine Solutions for Industries

Oct 27, 2022

TIPCO offers Liquid Powder Mixing ( LPM ) solutions for powder wetting and dispersing machines that provide fast, lump-free wetting and dispersing of various different powders or granules in liquids. Suitable for both continuous as well as batch (recirculation) processes.

TIPCO LPM works on a unique Rotor Stator System that generates a large negative pressure and absorbs powder directly into the liquid without dust formation and is loss-free. The inducted powder is dispersed immediately and under high shear.

Liquid Powder Mixing Machine offers the Following Advantages

  • No dust or solvent emissions
  • Agglomerates and caking are prevented
  • Avoids Lump formation
  • Shorter production times
  • Improved and constant mixture quality
  • Efficient use of raw materials
  • Easy and fail-safe handling
  • Automation optionally available
  • Reliable scale-up of mixing processes from the lab to production
  • Compact design minimizes space requirements
  • Easy installation/compatibility with existing plants
  • Various design Options like Trolley type, suction from Hose, suction from the Funnel and Silo bags with automation.

Process of Mixing Powders in Liquids for Industrial Use

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