Top Facts about Twin Shaft Dispersers

Top Facts about Twin Shaft Dispersers

Apr 2, 2024

A device that combines mixing and dispersing tasks is the twin shaft dispersers (TSD). This was originally included in the dispersion machine and allows for low-speed mixing. The low-speed mixing is occurring backwards while the high-speed dispersion is occurring.

This allows for the development of turbulence inside the dispersion barrel, which facilitates the material’s movement therein. The concentric double-shaft mixing and dispersing integrated machine works better than the original dispersing machine to distribute materials more uniformly and efficiently.

Here Are A Few Instances Of  Twin Shaft Dispersers:

Crafted to be exceptional, built to yield remarkable results The Smart Mix Twin Shaft Dispersers may perform a wide range of tasks, including mixing, homogenizing, shearing, dispersing, and blending.

The main benefit that many process managers find valuable in these machines is their capacity to completely mix and distribute liquids with different viscosities. High viscosity liquid dispersions are a breeze for this machine to work with.

You can choose from a variety of vessel shapes and sizes, ranging from 200 L to 2000 L and more, to satisfy the demands of the process.

The Smart Mix Dual shaft mixer benefits are widespread. This set may include mild steel (MS), stainless steel (SS) in any grade, and a range of additional materials. The resistance of building materials to corrosion and abrasion should be exceptional.

This vessel comes with all the nozzles required to set up the Twin Shaft Dispersers for best performance, and it can be purchased with jackets for heating or cooling.

Because the vessel includes a hydraulic raising and lowering system, Tipco Engineering can quickly replace it or move it. Furthermore, Tipco Engineering experts can process numerous batches at once without contaminating the finished product thanks to the hydraulic design of the SmartMix Disperser.

A variable frequency drive (VFD) and other electro-mechanical arrangements combined with a high-quality motor provide the Disperser Shaft’s optimal working speed range of 10 to 28,80 RPM and the Mixer Shaft’s lower speed range. You will be able to meet the demands of your operation as a result.

There is a wide range of blades available to suit your demands if you need one. It is possible to use saw, cutter tooth, high vaned, cowles, and high shear disperser blade types.

While mixing, you can prevent components from escaping the container by cleaning its interior with a scraper.

With careful consideration of torque, shaft revolutions, impeller or blade type and size, shaft dimension, sealing system, and other components, Tipco Engineering SmartMix Twin Shaft Disperser produces unparalleled quality and outstanding performance.

Every product Tipco Engineering sell has verified explosion-proof choices, so you can be confident that whatever SmartMix model you buy from Tipco Engineering won’t cause any harm.

It is easy to mix and disseminate a variety of chemicals and substances due to the extensive interchangeability of its impellers and blades.

You can fully automate your machinery and processes by integrating the SmartMix Twin Shaft Disperser with other cutting-edge features and provisions for process automation, such as a speed controller, temperature and pressure monitoring devices, a programmable logic controller (PLC), a control panel with a human machine interface (HMI), touch panels, limit switches, sensors, auto-valves, and many more.


Tipco Engineering will soon be adding more expensive equipment to the experienced after-sale crew. It’s critical that you comprehend this machine’s primary features in order to maximize its potential.

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