What is the difference between a twin shaft mixer and planetary mixer?

What is the difference between a twin shaft mixer and planetary mixer?

Dec 6, 2023

It makes more sense to use a twin-shaft mixer in larger concrete plants. It would take an excessive amount of space and time to empty a large planetary mixer. For mixer batches with a volume of 3.0 m3 or greater, a twin-shaft mixer is the best option because of its superior ability to discharge concrete more quickly. Check the Twin shaft Mixer Machine Price beforehand.

The quality of the concrete determines the final properties of the prefabricated items created from precast concrete. The central concrete mixer of the precast concrete mixing plant has an additional effect on the quality of the mixed concrete. Since the mixing process dictates the quality of the finished product, to the producer it represents the ultimate in prefabricated manufacturing.

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Analyzing different mixing implements

Planetary concrete mixing and stirring apparatus

The structural layout of the mixing blade is parallelogram matic. You may flip it over and use it repeatedly after the agitation reaches a certain point. The mixing arm’s clamp-style design maximizes the blades’ performance. The mixer allows the consumer to save money on the parts they purchase.

Use a two-shaft concrete mixer to blend the mixture

The mixing arm is less prone to malfunction the material reporting arm because of its simpler construction. By securing a wear-resistant sheath to the mixing arm, one can increase its service life. Contact with a genuine Twin Shaft Mixer Supplier for the authentic materials. 

Differentiating between the outcome

Planetary mixing movement can meet the higher homogeneity standards required by the precast concrete industry while simultaneously improving mixing quality, efficiency, and uniformity of material mixing. This includes a broad variety of materials, including wall panels, prefabricated computer parts, cement pipes, block bricks, subway segments, and many more.

The vertical axis planetary concrete mixer is a great option for mixing precast concrete because of its exceptional mixing quality, high efficiency, and ability to meet product homogeneity requirements.

Commercial concrete tankers and High Speed Twin Shaft Disperser require a higher homogeneity criterion of one stirring since they do not contain an extra mixing interval after shipment. This happens when the mold is set up directly underneath the mixing station when prefabricated parts are being manufactured. You can reduce the percentage of rejected finished product by increasing the homogeneity of a single agitation.

One can create mixing shear—an ideal tool for creating complex mix patterns—by using this counter-current action. Another application of the mixing action is in the measurement or control of moisture. The reason for this is that the properties of moisture allow for more accurate measurement in a fully homogenized mixture. In addition, the flat bottom of the mixer tank and the reversal of the paddle movement allow fresh mix material to pass over a measurement probe. Low mixing shear levels may cause a visible change in the consistency of the mix very fast. Owing to the low shear mixing, the cementitious material and water in the recipe may not completely cover the materials, resulting in inaccurate moisture values.

Last words

Twin Shaft Disperser is the best option for commercial concrete mixing projects requiring big volumes of concrete. They are also a preferred choice for routine manufacture and sales. Consequently, your best option when mixing precast concrete is to use a planetary concrete mixer.

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